Automate Schedule makes it easy to automate file transfers. Once you've set up your FTP systems, simply use the Commands section of a job to set up the file transfer. This video shows you how easy it is to set up file transfer jobs in Automate Schedule.



Let's create an FTP Job in Skybot Scheduler, the job scheduling software for Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

Creating an FTP Job

Go to the Command section in your Scheduling Job and select "Add File Transfer". The File Transfer Command window displays. Use the File Transfer System drop down menu to select the File Transfer System you've just created. Select if you want to push a file to the remote system, or pull a file from the remote system. Enter the path and filename to push or pull from, and the agent path and filename to push or pull from. Select to replace existing target file if you want to overwrite an existing file. Select the Transfer Type and click Save. Skybot Scheduler writes the syntax for you and adds it to your Job Command automatically. Congratulations! You've now created an Automated File Transfer using Skybot Scheduler, the easy to use job scheduling software.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019