It's easy to document dependent job streams using the job flow diagrams in Automate Schedule. Once you've created your dependent job stream, simply add jobs and event monitors into a job flow diagram. You can move and adjust the shapes in your diagram, add titles and comments, and print it or save it when finished. Watch the video to learn how!



In this video, you will learn how to document dependent job streams using Skybot Scheduler, the easy to use job scheduling solution.

This is an example of a dependent job stream. Each job reacts to the completion of a previously scheduled job or event, such as the new file arriving in a directory or a file changing.

Viewing the Dependencies

Right clicking a job and selecting prerequisite shows you the prerequisite jobs or events. An easier way to see all the dependencies in the job stream is to create a job flow diagram. Select analysis tools and job flow diagram. To create a new diagram, select create job flow diagram. Provide a name for the diagram and a description. Click insert and select jobs and events. From the job list, select the first batch job in the process or multiple jobs and drag them to the diagram desktop.

Building Your Job Flow Diagram

You can also select agent event monitors, job monitors, or SNMP trap monitors. Move each box to a place on the desktop. To add a dependency or prerequisite, hover over the job and click the green arrow on the top or bottom of each shape. Continue to add each job until your job stream is complete. Once your diagram is built, you can add labels and comments so it's easier to understand the job flow. Right click any batch job to display the job menu.

Completing Your Job Flow Diagram

You can modify jobs directly from the diagram desktop. All job edited history options are available from the diagram. Click the information icon to display a key that explains shapes and properties of the diagram. Once your diagram is complete, you can save or print it to store with your enterprise job scheduling documentation. Congratulations! You have now created a Skybot Scheduler job flow diagram: a quick and easy way to document your dependent job streams.

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Last Modified On: January 07, 2020