Some tasks don't need to run at the same time every day. For example, you could have a job that runs every day at the same time, plus every Sunday at the same time. You don't need to create a separate job for every schedule you want the same job to use. This video shows you how to create multiple schedules for one job.

Note: Skybot Scheduler has been renamed to Automate Schedule and is now part of the Automate suite of products. The existing Skybot Scheduler features and functionality are the same; only the product name has changed.



Do you need to have a job run with multiple schedules? You don't need to set up multiple jobs to do this. One job is all it takes. In this video, we'll use the Skybot Scheduler job scheduling software to set up a job with multiple schedules.

Creating a Job

On the menu, click on Job. In the upper left corner, click Create Job. Put in a name and description for your job. Select an agent for the job to run on from the agent drop down menu.

We are going to schedule this job to run every day at 10:00. Select day of week from the schedule type drop-down menu. Click Add Schedule. Change the time to 10:00 and click OK.

Adding Another Schedule to a Job

Let's add another schedule to the same job to run on Sunday at 2:00. Select day of week from the schedule type drop-down menu. Click Add Schedule. Select weekly from the repeats drop-down menu. Change the time to 2:00 and click the box next to Sunday. Click OK to save. Go to the bottom left corner and click Save to save your job. This is what your schedule looks like. Congratulations! You've just created a job with multiple schedules using Skybot Scheduler, the easy to use job scheduling software.

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Last Modified On: March 11, 2019