Automate Schedule makes it easy to incorporate Informatica Cloud tasks into your job flows. Add them to enterprise schedules along with other tasks and integrations including Informatica PowerCenter, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP NetWeaver, just to name a few! See for yourself how simple it is to add and monitor Informatica Cloud tasks with Automate Schedule.


Adding Informatica Cloud Tasks

Skybot Scheduler has added a built-in function for scheduling tasks for Informatica Cloud. Let's take a look at how easy it is. First, you will need to define your Informatica Cloud instance to Skybot. Multiple server definitions can be created based on user profiles. In the server definition display, enter the base URL, the user ID, the password, and then any changes to the default polling values that you would like. Once your server is set up, you can start creating Skybot jobs and scheduling your Cloud tasks.

An Example: Informatica Cloud and Skybot

I've got an example job I will use for this demo. Create the Skybot job as usual, and enter any schedule information when you want this job to run. Enter any exceptions in the agent environment, just like any other Skybot job.

On the command line, click on the "Add" drop-down, and you will see an option for Informatica Cloud tasks. Once you click that, you will be prompted for the server definition and then also the task type. For the task name and task ID, you can copy from your Informatica Cloud instance. I've got mine open, and I've got the apps and it's a data data replication app that I am doing. And I open up the one that I want to schedule, highlight it, copy it, and then I can paste it into my Skybot job.

I will also need to copy and paste the task ID, which is part of the URL when you open up the Informatica Cloud task. So I copy that, paste it into my job, and now I am ready to run my Informatica Cloud task in a Skybot job.

Running Informatica Cloud Tasks in a Skybot Job

I am going to run this job so that you can see the logging that Skybot does for each job. So I will just select a run job now and this job should run in just a second. I can right click on it to bring up the history. As you can see, I have been doing some testing with this job and I've run it a few times in the last couple of days.

So now we can go in and download the job log and what I want to show you here is how Skybot monitors the running of that cloud task. So this is our API, nad here we've got the server information as you entered it into the server definition and then also the Informatica Cloud task information. This is the individual task that we are running and then we log every step as Skybot logs into the cloud server, starts the job, and then sets up a monitor waiting for that job to complete ecause we want to make sure that we have the correct exit code when this job completes. So we want to make sure that it is a successful code job before we go onto the next step.

So, we will log the completion status and then each step within that log for that cloud process. So that's it. As you can see, it is easy to add Informatica Cloud jobs to yoru job flows using Skybot Scheduler's built-in function.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019