How do you know when a critical file has arrived on one of your servers? Learn how to configure a monitor that automatically notifies you when a file arrives. You can use agent event monitors to trigger an event-driven schedule. 


Building an Agent Event Monitor

In this video, we will build an agent event monitor using the Skybot Scheduler job scheduling solution. Use agent event monitors to monitor for file arriving or changing on an agent. Point to scheduling objects and select agent event monitors.

For this example, we are monitoring when the file named RC Lock is added to a C drive on an agent. Give your agent file event a name and a description. Use the agent drop-down menu to select the agent you want to monitor. Skybot Scheduler, the easy to use job scheduling software, can notify you when this file event has occurred.

Selecting to send an SNMP trap creates a notification list. The notification list is a scheduling object and must exist before you create the file event. Use the event valid section to set a time for the event monitor to run.

Monitoring the Agent File Event

For this example, Skybot Scheduler will monitor the agent file event from 8 to 10. Use event monitor cycle to set how often to monitor the agent for the file event. The file event type has four types of file events; for this example, we are selecting the "file added" type. Next, tell Skybot Scheduler where to monitor for the file. Since this a text file, we choose to use the "end of file" marker. When the file arrives on the C drive, you will scan the file for the verbiage of "end of file". And when we see that verbiage, the file added to that will occur. Click on the save button to save the file event.

You have now created an agent event monitor using the Skybot Scheduler job scheduling solution.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019