Notification lists let you create groups of users or email addresses to send notifications to. This is helpful when you want certain jobs or events to always notify the same group of people, including non-Automate Schedule users. This video shows you how to create a notification list.


In this video, you'll learn how to use Skybot Scheduler, the job scheduling software for Windows, UNIX, and Linux, to create notification lists. Notification lists notify groups of people about changes for job monitors, agent event monitors, SNMP trap monitors, and agents.

Creating a Notification List

From the Skybot Scheduler homepage, point to Scheduling Objects and click Notification Lists. Click Create Notification List. The notification lists settings page appears. Use the general section to set basic information about the notification list. Use the email contact section to add email addresses to a notification list. Email contacts do not have to be Skybot Scheduler users. Use the Users section to add users of Skybot Scheduler. Click the drop down menu to select a Skybot Scheduler user. The user appears in the field above. Click Save to save your notification list.

Congratulations. You've just created a notification list using Skybot Scheduler, the easy to use job scheduling solution.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019