Agent environments and IBM i agent environments store certain information so that it can easily be reused when you're creating jobs. This information includes items such as the user account, password, default directory when a process starts, IBM i parameters for submitting the job, and any environment variables needed by the job when it runs. Create an agent environment for each agent or application.

To use a shared environment when scheduling a job:

  1. On the Job or Member Job page, under Agent Environment, select either 'Shared Agent Environment' or 'IBM i Agent Environment' from the Environment Type list.
  2. Choose an Agent Environment or an IBM i Agent Environment from the drop-down list to add to the job.
  3. Enter any requested information. Note: If environment variables were brought in from the shared environment, you can edit them or add more, if needed for the job. You cannot, however, delete any variables from the job that are part of the shared environment.

Example: If the password or user changes, simply update the information in the agent environment (or IBMi agent environment) and every job that uses that environment will be updated automatically.

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Last Modified On: October 24, 2019