• V5R3 or higher.

  • Compatible with i5/OS V5R3 and V5R4, and IBM i 6.1, 7.1, and 7.2.

  • Ability to sign on to the IBM i with *ALLOBJ authority.

  • Must be current on the latest Cumulative PTF Package, HIPER Group PTF, and Database Group PTF for your operating system release.

  • License keys are required. Ensure you have obtained a product license prior to installing the product.

Instructions (New Install and Upgrade)

  1. Create a temporary directory on your PC: C:\TEMP.

  2. Download the PeekPlus 3.5 application to the temporary directory. Current users can access the download from the My Downloads page. If you're a new user, you should have received an email message containing the download link. If you don't have it, contact your Bytware Regional Manager.

  3. Unzip the file to the C:\TEMP directory.

  4. Open a DOS window (Click Start > Run, type COMMAND, and press Enter). Then, type the following commands:

    1. FTP, then press Enter.

    2. OPEN, then press Enter.

    3. Type your IBM i system name or IP address, then press Enter.

    4. If necessary, type your username and password, then press Enter.

    5. QUOTE RCMD CRTSAVF QGPL/PP350, then press Enter.

    6. BIN, then press Enter.

    7. PUT C:\TEMP\PP350 QGPL/PP350, then press Enter.

    8. BYE, then press Enter.

  5. Sign on to the IBM i with *ALLOBJ authority and run the following commands:



  6. To go to the main PeekPlus menu, type PEEKPLUS/PEEK on a command line and press Enter.


If your system security level is 40 or higher (DSPSYSVAL QSECURITY to verify), click here for instructions on how to initialize for security level 40 after installation is complete.

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Last Modified On: March 23, 2020