Before You Begin

You must have the following in order to use QRemote Control:

  • QMessage Monitor must be installed on both the IBM i and the PC before you install QRemote Control. For instructions, see "Installing QMessage Monitor." Note: The relevant IBM i objects for QRemote Control are installed with QMessage Monitor on the IBM i.

  • A GSM wireless data terminal should have been purchased. SIM cards are available globally through your mobile telephone communications provider.

  • All mobile phones that receive SMS and send SMS are compatible with QRemote Control.

  • A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is required if you wish to send and receive SMS messages.


Installing QRemote Control on the PC

  1. Double-click the downloaded installation program. The installation starts automatically.

  2. Enter the directory where the software will be installed. Click Browse to select a different directory. After you've selected a directory, click Next.

  3. When you see the Installation Complete screen, click Close.


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Last Modified On: December 20, 2019