This article describes best practices for avoiding stress on the BoKS Master when implementing BoKS in your organization.


This is generally only necessary in BoKS domains with several thousand hosts.


Avoiding stress on the BoKS Master

The BoKS Master is crucial for certain functions like administration, user provisioning and database replication. The Master may, like any Replica, handle access control, authentication, logging and other requests from the BoKS Server Agents. This may sometimes cause an unnecessarily high load on the BoKS Master in large or otherwise highly-active domains.


Recommended best practice:
Configure the Master so it won't answer Server Agent (client) requests. The Replicas will handle client requests, leaving the Master dedicated to administrative activity and domain management.

This can be done by editing the $BOKS_etc/boksinit.master file on the Master and commenting out the line labeled bridge_servc_r by prepending the line with a hash mark (#). Once you have commented the line out, save the file and restart BoKS.


Note that modifications made to $BOKS_etc/boksinit.* files might become overwritten by a patch or hotfix installation. Should that happen, the original file can always be found in a backup location under $BOKS_DIR/Hotfix or $BOKS_DIR/Patches.


Note: An alternative approach to prevent Server Agents from sending requests to the Master is to have the Master's IP address under the SECONDARY_ADDRESS_LIST heading in the bcastaddr file on Server Agents.

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Last Modified On: November 12, 2019