This article applies to BoKS Manager 7.0.0.


BoKS uses 'raw' log format after upgrade from pre-7.0 database and BoKS Control Center fails to display raw logs.

Resolution / Workaround

Apply hotfix HFBM-0122, available for download from the HelpSystems Community Portal.

When upgrading from a pre-7.0 database, restbase will now set the log format to use to be 'severity only' (the default used on a fresh 7.0 install). Also, boks_bccasd has been fixed to provide correct information to BoKS Control Center when the log format is set to 'raw', so 'raw' format logs can now be viewed using BoKS Control Center.

BoKS Control Center will still be unable to show logs if the format is set to 'facility only'. This is because with this setting, information needed by boks_bccasd is no longer present in the log, so it cannot provide the required information to BoKS Control Center.

Note that you may want to install this hotfix before restoring a pre-7.0 database to avoid having some logs in the raw format. Even if you manually change the log format to 'severity only' immediately after the upgrade some logs will have been made in the 'raw' format.

For instructions on how to convert log messages already in the log file, please see Troubleshooting: Unable to view the audit log in BCC.

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Last Modified On: October 15, 2018