This article applies to BoKS Manager 7.0.0.


The following problems have been corrected in HFBM-0104:

8784 - boks_upgrade is unable to upgrade 6.5.4 to 6.7 on Solaris 11

This problem affects upgrades where the old and new versions have

different MRC scope. E.g. the BoKS 6.5.4 package for Solaris 11 is

Server Agent only while the BoKS 6.7 package is MRC

(Master/Replica/Client). See table below for affected platforms and

BoKS versions.

8798 - Semantic bug in boks_upgrade_upgrade if repeated

If after a successful upgrade you accidentally repeat the
"boks_upgrade upgrade" command, shell script syntax errors are

8803 - boks_upgrade setup may uncompress sshcore.tar.Z

If neither of the commands uncompress nor gunzip is found on
a particular remote Server Agent, the sshd must be decompressed

on the Master before it is transmitted to the Server Agent.

In this situation if the uncompress is missing on the Master
gunzip is erroneously called without the -c option.

This will later cause a problem when connecting to another Server

Agent running on the same platform and where neither uncompress

nor gunzip are available: boks_upgrade setup will fail for that host.

Resolution / Workaround

To obtain these resolutions, apply hotfix HFBM-0104, available for download

from the HelpSystems Community Portal.

8784 - boks_upgrade is unable to upgrade 6.5.4 to 6.7 on Solaris 11

boks_upgrade_upgrade has been changed to call
package_info files -t type
with the static type "boksm" instead of $PKG_TYPE (retrieved from
Server Agent) to support upgrade to/from MRC/C type packages both


8798 - Semantic bug in boks_upgrade_upgrade if repeated

A check has been added to boks_upgrade_upgrade to make sure shell
variable BOKS_CLIENT_VERSION has been defined by the call to
"eval `run_remote_program "$host" "upgrade_ssh_start
version"`. If not, a message is printed and the next host in the
loop is tried.

8803 - boks_upgrade setup may uncompress sshcore.tar.Z

The -c flag is now passed to gunzip in this situation.

Platforms where the Master/Replica/Client scope has changed between versions:

Platform 6.5.4 6.6.2 6.7.0 7.0.0
HP_UX-11.11-PA_RISC n/a MRC C n/a
HP_UX-11.23-ITANIUM n/a MRC C n/a
RedHat-EL5.0-x86 MRC MRC C n/a
RedHat-EL6.0-x86 MRC MRC C n/a
RedHat-EL7.0-x86_64 n/a n/a C MRC
Solaris-2.11-i386 C MRC MRC MRC
Solaris-2.11-sparc C MRC MRC MRC
Solaris-2.9-i386 MRC MRC C n/a
Solaris-2.9-sparc MRC MRC C n/a
SuSE-10-x86.tar MRC MRC C n/a
SuSE-10-x86_64 MRC MRC C n/a
SuSE-11-x86 MRC MRC C n/a
SuSE-11-x86_64 MRC MRC MRC C

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018