A mechanism that allows users to change their password at the password prompt using SUEXEC could be used to change the password of the to-user account in the following cases:

1. On the Master, and the to-user is root.
2. On a Master, Replica or Server Agent for any user when the from-user and to-user happen to have the same password.

Note that these issues also affect SU on HP-UX.

Resolution / Workaround

To resolve this issue, apply a hotfix, available from the HelpSystems Community Portal, on your Master and Replicas. The hotfix should also be applied on any Server Agent that may be impacted by the second issue. This mechanism will be removed from future versions of BoKS

The following hotfixes are available for different BoKS Manager versions:

  • TFS150903-011660-1 for BoKS Manager 6.5
  • HFBM-0078-1 for BoKS Manager 6.6. and 6.7
  • HFBM-0079-1 for BoKS Manager 7.0

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018