Listing Unix groups for a Host Group (listUnixGroups) causes the BoKS
admin server (boks_bccasd) to stop responding if the host selected from
the Host Group has more than 1023 Unix groups (in /etc/group or some
other source used for Unix groups). This causes a restart of boks_bccasd
and termination of all sessions from the FoxT Control Center and
Web Services Interface servers.

It is also possible that a very large number of Unix groups will make this
function stop responding.

Resolution / Workaround

Apply one of the following hotfixes, available for download from the HelpSystems
Community Portal, to your Master and any failover Master(s):

  • For BoKS Manager 6.7, hotfix HFBM-0082
  • For BoKS Manager 7.0, hotfix HFBM-0083

The hotfix updates boks_bccasd to handle the reallocation of a memory
buffer correctly, and read from the I/O streams in the correct order, in the
Unix group list function.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018