When you set the ENV variable REPORT_BOKS_SSH_VERSION to on in BoKS 6.7, the OpenSSH version is displayed as well as the BoKS SSH version


The BoKS ENV variable REPORT_BOKS_SSH_VERSION can be used to change the
identification string which the SSH server and client exchange during the
connection setup. The identification string is used for adapting to known
bugs and other differences. The default string is
"SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_". This string is shown if running
telnet localhost .
In BoKS 6.6 and older releases "SSH-2.0-BoKS_SSH_" was used as
the identification string for boks_sshd if REPORT_BOKS_SSH_VERSION was set to
"on". This could however break a connection attempt. In BoKS 6.7 the
OpenSSH version was updated and in this OpenSSH version, a new feature had
been added to safely add information after the OpenSSH version number.
In BoKS 6.7 the meaning of REPORT_BOKS_SSH_VERSION=on changed to using this
new feature, making the identification string look like
"SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_ BoKS_SSH_".

Resolution / Workaround

Apply the hotfix HFBM-0049, available from the HelpSystems Community Portal.

This hotfix includes an updated version of boks_sshd and the ENV.4 man page.
In this version of boks_sshd, REPORT_BOKS_SSH_VERSION=on makes boks_sshd
only show the BoKS version (i.e. the same functionality as in BoKS 6.6 and
older). The "off" value still means using the default identification string.
A new value "sshboksver" has been added, which makes boks_sshd show both the
SSH and the BoKS version number, i.e.
"SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_ BoKS_SSH_".
The ENV.4 man page has been updated to reflect these changes.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018