BoKS 6.6 packages pre-6.6.2 do not include xRBAC rolesets for Oracle Solaris 11


Support for Oracle Solaris 11 was introduced in BoKS Manager version 6.6.2. Therefore BoKS platforms released earlier than this do not include xRBAC Rolesets for Solaris 11.

If you want to use BoKS xRBAC functionality on Solaris 11 BoKS hosts with the BoKS default xRBAC rolesets and your BoKS Master platform is not Solaris 11, a hotfix install is required.

Resolution / Workaround

Install hotfix HFBM-0023, available for download from the HelpSystems Community Portal.

The hotfix includes xRBAC rolesets for Solaris 11 sparc and i386 platforms and an update of the $BOKS_etc/rbac_osversions file.

Note that, for Solaris, rolesets are not installed in the BoKS database automatically since roles on Solaris have name/uid entries in /etc/passwd and a check must be performed that the uids used in the roleset do not conflict with any existing uids before installation.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018