su from root fails on HP-UX if LOCAL_SU_AUTH_FOR_ROOT enabled and to-user locked by OS

Issue description

On HP-UX machines, a su operation from root to another user fails if the BoKS ENV variable
LOCAL_SU_AUTH_FOR_ROOT is set to on and the to-user account is locked by the
Operating System.

If LOCAL_SU_AUTH_FOR_ROOT is enabled in the ENV file, root should be allowed
to su to a user locked by the OS.

Resolution / Workaround

This behavior is caused by a bug in the BoKS SU program for HP-UX.

To rectify this, apply the hotfix HFBM-0053, available for download from the 
HelpSystems Community Portal, on all BoKS hosts running HP-UX in your

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018