Applies to BoKS Manager 7.0 and 7.1.



SecurID authentication problem caused by issues in the RSA authentication SDK library used for BoKS SecurID authentication.

Resolution / Workaround


To resolve this issue install HFBM-0242 (BoKS 7.0) or HFBM-0243 (BoKS 7.1) available for download from the HelpSystems Community Portal.


The RSA authentication SDK used in BoKS SecurID authentication is upgraded from version 8.5 to version 8.5.1. Below is the list of fixed issues in RSA authentication library 8.5.1 and in particular the last issue AAC-793 could cause BoKS SecurID authentication to fail.


Fixed Issues

AAC-695 - New PIN authentication through Citrix Web Interface failed when the Authentication Agent API was in TCP mode.


AAC-698 - Authentication failed in deployments with more than one instance if services were stopped on either the primary or replica instance.


AAC-704 - AceGetUserSelectable returned an incorrect value for a user's PIN creation method.


AAC-706 - In a planned promotion or disaster recovery situation, an agent sometimes attempted to contact an RSA Authentication Manager server that was no longer available, and the agent could not authenticate until the original message key expired.


AAC-708 - In some cases, AceInitialize could not be called a second time if the first call failed.


AAC-786 The implementation of the asynchronous APIs of RSA Authentication Agent API/SDK 8.5 and 8.6 for C did not properly handle error status for callback methods.


AAC-797 - Daemon process for securid API/SDK authentication fails. Fixed an issue that could cause an application crash when shutting down the API.


AAC-793 - Unexpected authentication failures. Fixed an issue that could result in unexpected authentication failures with certain server configurations.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018