Running dumpbase on a very large database can take some time (tens of seconds). During this time the database is locked which might cause problems for other parts of the BoKS system (e.g. replication).

Resolution / Workaround


To resolve this problem, please download and install HFBM-0246 from the HelpSystems Community Portal.


This hotfix adds a new flag to dumpbase-C, which makes it copy all database files to a temporary directory ($BOKS_data/dumpbase-<pid>-<timestamp>), and then read the records from the temporary files instead. The database lock is only held while copying the files which considerably reduces the time the lock is held. This will however dump the records in the order they appear in the raw table files, not in index (key) order. Note that this also requires enough space on $BOKS_data for a temporary copy of the table files while dumpbase is running.

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Last Modified On: May 31, 2018