This article applies to BoKS Manager 7.0.0 and BoKS Manager 7.1.0.


DB update operations to Replicas could time out on the BoKS Master even though the operation actually succeeded on the Replica because of a too short timeout.


To resolve this issue, apply hotfix HFBM-0254 (BoKS 7.0) or HFBM-0255 (BoKS 7.1), available for download from the HelpSystems Community Portal.

Previously, it was not possible to set the timeout higher than 60 seconds for servm operations. This hotfix makes it possible to set 240 seconds as the maximum timeout by setting BRIDGE_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT_servm=240 in the $BOKS_etc/ENV file on the BoKS Master and all Replicas and restarting BoKS.

Code has also been added to log operations taking longer than 20 seconds to a servm.slow file in the monitoring directory.

NOTE: Version 2 of the hotfix HFBM-0255 solves an issue in version 1, which could cause problems with Replica discovery if the hotfix was used on a BoKS Server Agent.

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Last Modified On: September 18, 2018