In BoKS 7.1 and later, a new load-balancing mechanism was implemented to facilitate a better balance between Server Agents and Replica load. This new mechanism takes into account not only how fast a Replica can respond, but also how loaded the Replica is. Server Agents are now more intelligent in that they will take into account how busy a Replica already is before they attempt to bind to it.


On a BoKS 7.1 or later Server Agent, you can use the following showmaster command to display all responding Replicas along with each Replica's UDP response time and servc queue time.

BoKS# showmaster -s -A -v

This command can be helpful in troubleshooting Server Agent to Replica communication issues.

For more information, see "man showmaster".

NOTE: This same functionality was added via hotfix to BoKS versions 6.7 (HFBM-0191) and 7.0 (HFBM-0192).

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018