This article applies to BoKS 6.6.1, 6.6.2 and 6.7.0.


To understand customers' needs for platform coverage for the future Fox Technologies has created a small script that collects OS platform statistics from a BoKS domain. This is based on a function already included in the boksinfo script in BoKS 6.7.1 and later, so the script is not needed there - simply running boksinfo and sending us the archive created from your 6.7.1 or 7.0 Master will include this information.


Download the script (please see the link at the bottom of this article) and run the script on the BoKS Master in every domain:

# chmod u+x

# ./

The script will output OS statistics on stdout which you can then send in to Fox Technologies.

This information can influence supported platforms for future BoKS releases.

Note that hosts running BoKS older than 6.6 will be reported as "0.0.0,unknown" since platform information is not available on those versions.

Sample output:

# ./
0.0.0,unknown 4
6.6.1,RedHat-EL6.0-x86_64 1
6.7.0,RedHat-EL7.0-x86_64 1
6.7.1,RedHat-EL6.0-x86_64 1
6.7.1,Solaris-2.10-sparc 1


If you have any 'unknown' platforms listed (that is Server Agents running BoKS older than 6.6.1), please try to give us as much information as possible on what platforms you are running on those servers and if you plan to upgrade them. Any plans you have to bring in new platforms or phase out old platforms is also useful information for Fox Technologies when planning platform support going forward.

Link to the script

MD5 7e22ee7a1aca33a779378d6e92e58fd6
SHA1 23551f49dee1c05504ec6d0213dc75a73a1eb497

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018