This document is intended as a starting point when planning and executing an upgrade to BoKS Manager v7.x from a 6.x.

General upgrade approach:

  • Read Up

    • It is essential to go through the required reading and understand what it will require to upgrade the domain successfully.

  • Plan Ahead

    • A written plan is necessary so that no details are missed during the upgrade.

  • Make a Test Run

    • The plan should to be tested before the upgrade, as realistically as possible, in order to spot omitted details or unexpected consequences.

  • Work With FoxT Support

    • In order to provide optimal service, FoxT needs to, at the very least, be aware of the coming upgrade.

    • Inform FoxT of the upgrade date as early as possible, please, so that we can ensure resources are assigned and available to support you.

  • Upgrade

  • Request and Install Licence


Involve Foxt

We recommend involving FoxT already in the planning phase, but it is most important to notify FoxT well in advance before the actual upgrade in case assistance is needed.

Required reading

  • Latest version of the Release Notes (BM7*relnotes*.pdf)

Especially: Known Issues

  • Installation guide (BoKS7*ins.pdf) - Chapter: Upgrading BoKS Manager

Pay special attention to the section: “Key Features and Issues of Upgrading”

  • BoKS Unix Group Migration Guide - Boks70unix_group_migration.pdf

Producing a Written Upgrade Instruction

Based on our experience, the people best-suited to write the full upgrade instruction are the persons who will be performing it.

Due to major changes in this version there are a few areas that will require special attention in the planning phase:

  • Unix groups will have to be completely re-created as a part of the upgrade, so the planning of this part must be done well in advance before the upgrade and we recommend preparing a script that inserts all necessary groups into the BoKS database. This script can be generated by FoxT's group migration tools or, of course, completely custom made. (See Boks70unix_group_migration.pdf)
  • If there are any custom made systems around BoKS audit logs, they will need to be adapted to the new log format.

Also note the new default log file storage location: $BOKS_var/auditlog

  • Licensing has been introduced, so before the upgrade, a temporary license file must be obtained from FoxT to be used during the upgrade and once the new Master is installed, a new license file must be obtained for the new Domain ID.
  • Any other areas from the section “Key Features and Issues of Upgrading” that have consequences for your BoKS domain must also be addressed.

The written Upgrade Instruction should contain the following:

  • Upgrade procedure
    • Step by step, the more thorough and detailed the better.
  • Verification
    • Verifying that everything is in place and working.
  • Back out plan
    • How to restore the old setup and approximately how long it would take in order to ensure a working domain at the end of upgrade time window.

What services can FoxT provide

Planning phase

  • Initial meeting

To initiate the plan, it could be a good idea to set up an online meeting with Systems Engineers from FoxT to discuss the best strategy for the domain in question.

  • Provide Tools

The Unix Groups Migration Tool can be found in

Customer portal > My Products > BoKS Manager 7.x

Unix Groups Migration Tool for BoKS v7.x



  • Reviewing Upgrade Plan

FoxT can perform a review of the Upgrade Plan, written by the customer, in order to spot potential caveats and give advice on improvements.

  • FoxT can also advise on recommended hotfixes.

Assistance during upgrade

During the upgrade FoxT can provide the following services:

  • Stand by
    • Customer Service has been notified and is aware of the ongoing upgrade
  • Bridge call
    • Systems Engineer from FoxT CS stays on line; phone or web session, responding to issues and questions. This may require a PSO agreement if the upgrade is done on a weekend or outside office hours. It will also require that the customer and FoxT have agreed upon the Upgrade Plan.
  • On site
    • Systems Engineer from FoxT CS is present on site, responding to issues and questions. This will require a PSO agreement. It will also require that the customer and FoxT have agreed upon the Upgrade Plan.

Whichever upgrade services you choose, it is imperative you make sure FoxT Customer Service has been notified at least 2 weeks in advance of the upgrade as per Maintenance Agreement.

Additional potential caveats

  • When the new unix groups are created and enabled for users, there will be a large amount of updates going out to the Server Agents.

In large domains with many affected users and unix groups this process may take a lot of time and system resources, possibly affecting user updates meanwhile.

Still have questions? We can help. Submit a case to Technical Support.

Last Modified On: May 25, 2018