It is sometimes necessary to send very large files to HelpSystems for analysis. The support portal and e-mail system have a limitation of 25 MB for attachments. If you need to provide larger files you can use the HelpSystems Customer SFTP server.


Please contact HelpSystems customer support to get a temporary password and username.

Using an SFTP client, connect to on port 5522 (if this port is blocked for outgoing traffic, you can try on port 443 instead) using login name and password provided by HelpSystems.

Your password will normally be valid for 48 hours and will be blocked automatically once it expires. If you need to upload files after 48 hours, please contact HelpSystems customer support to get a new temporary password. If you know that you will need access for a longer (or shorter) time period please let us know and we will try to adjust the validity time on the password accordingly.

When uploading files, please make a directory with the ticket number the files belong to and upload all files there. Once done, please add a comment to the ticket (or send an e-mail) notifying HelpSystems that the files have been completely uploaded.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018