In earlier versions of BoKS Manager, you set the timezone for hosts in the $BOKS_etc/timezones file, but in BoKS Manager 7.0 timezones are stored in the BoKS database. You can set the timezone either using FoxT Control Center (on the host details page) or in the CLI using the program hostadm.


To set the timezone for a host in the CLI:

  1. Log in to the Master and become root or enter a role with administrative privileges.
  2. Start a BoKS shell.

For example:

# /opt/boksm/sbin/boksadm
BoKS #

  1. Run the hostadm command with the argument -z, and the usage as follows:

BoKS # hostadm -h host1 -z EST

to set the timezone EST for the host host1.

The majority of Operating Systems BoKS runs on support timezone formats as defined in the IANA Time Zone Database.

For more information on supported timezones, refer to your Operating System documentation.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018