adminwiz is the BoKS Manager 6.5 GUI setup wizard. It will guide you through the steps necessary to run the BoKS GUI via https.

You can use this to create a new host Virtual Card for the Master. If you are using BoKS Manager 6.7 or later you should use fccsetup instead, please see article #11447: "Create new Host Virtual Card for the master using fccsetup".

Note that this procedure creates a new Root CA. If you are using the BoKS Desktop or BoKS Web Services Interface, creating a new Root CA will break SSL communication with the Master!

If using any of these products, you must use another tool to create a new Host Virtual Card such as the custom script; For details please see article #11261: "Create a new host certificate with Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)".


As root, start a BoKS shell on the Master:

# /opt/boksm/sbin/boksadm -S

Delete the old host Virtual Card:

usrcreds del -k $(lh -I $(hostname))

Run adminwiz (located in $BOKS_sbin/):

BoKS # adminwiz

Enter the requested data. In most cases the default values are acceptable. As the last step, verify the data you entered and type "yes" to make the changes to BoKS.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018