How to debug servc on the Master or a Replica. This can be useful for troubleshooting authentication problems.


First make sure the BoKS Server Agent is authenticating against the Master or the Replica that you want to debug. On the Server Agent:

1. Backup your bcastaddr file in your $BOKS_etc directory (default is /etc/opt/boksm) if you already have one.

2. Create or update the bcastaddr file containing only these lines - in this example, we want to debug a Replica with IP address


3. After you have created the bcastaddr file, restart BoKS on the Server Agent:

# Boot

On the Master/Replica server:

1. As root, start a BoKS shell by running boksadm -S (default in /opt/boksm/sbin/):

# /opt/boksm/sbin/boksadm -S

2. Enable debugging of servc on the BoKS server:

BoKS # bdebug servc -x9 -f /tmp/servc.out

3. Reproduce the problem

Disable debugging and restore Server Agent configuration:

1. Disable debugging of servc on the BoKS server

BoKS # bdebug servc -x0

2. Restore the original bcastaddr file on the Server Agent

3. Restart BoKS on the Server Agent:

# Boot

Collect the debug file, optionally compress it if it is very large, and send it to FoxT Customer Support for analysis.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018