Sometimes there is a need to use lsbks to fetch information about user accounts; For example in a script.

Commonly lsbks -a is used in order to fetch all known information about the user account, but as explained in the lsbks man page, this command also contacts a Server Agent in each user's Host Group in order to retrieve start program, umask etc. from the users' .boks_uenv file.

Contacting the Server Agents will slow down lsbks somewhat, and more so in a large domain. Therefore, if the information from .boks_uenv is not needed, you can call lsbks -f instead. Using the -f option, information is only retrieved from the local database.

See also

lsbks man page

ENV man page regarding the variable LSBKS_DONT_SHOW_UENV

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018