In some situations a Replica may be unable to get a complete copy of the database from the Master. In such cases, Server Agents authenticating against this Replica may be rejected when access should be granted. The exact error message may vary depending on what parts of the database is missing. The problem may also be intermittent, with access being granted when the Server Agent is authenticating against a Replica with a complete database and rejected when it happens to try against the faulty Replica.

The error logs on the Master and the Replica will indicate problems with the database replication. FoxT Customer Services can help you identify this problem.


To get a Replica to download a new copy of the database, you must first stop BoKS on the replica:

# Boot -k

Then remove the incomplete database located in $BOKS_data (/var/opt/boksm/data by default) and the sequence file used by BoKS to keep the database in sync:

# rm $BOKS_data/*.dat
# rm $BOKS_data/sequence

You can now restart BoKS on the Replica and it will attempt to download a complete copy of the database:

# Boot

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018