Sometimes it is necessary to restart BoKS on a Server Agent remotely; For example after changing a value in the $BOKS_etc/ENV file or having made changes to any of the other configuration files using BOKS_lib/cadm.



The command that needs to be executed locally is the following:




Fox Technologies recommends that you log in with ssh and run the Boot command from there. Alternatively, run a remote command using ssh.

If that is not an option, for some reason, it is also possible to run Boot using the command cadm -s Boot.nowait -h from the Master.


Note, however, that since locally on the Server Agent the Boot command is run by the boks_clntd process, and one of the things that Boot does is to have all BoKS processes killed, including boks_clntd, cadm reports a failure (cadm: failed to start Boot.nowait (exit:-1)) even though the command in fact succeeds.

An exception is when changing the shared memory setting SHM_SIZE. This requires that one runs Boot -k; Boot and it is recommended to run this command from a logged-in shell. The reason for this is that you would get locked out from the server if something went wrong when running the second Boot command and BoKS did not start up properly.

See also the BoKS manual pages for cadm and Boot.

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Last Modified On: September 21, 2018