This procedure can be used to gather the information typically needed when, for some reason, suexec sessions do not obey the timeout settings for the users.

The instruction is written for the common situation when a user logs in with ssh and does suexec to the root account.

1. Turn on debugging of boks_bksd, that should be ending inactive sessions:
From a BoKS prompt run the following command:

bdebug bksd -x9 -f /path/to/debugfile

2. Log in with ssh.

3. Make a note of the current tty:


4. Do suexec su root.

5. Again, make a note of the current tty:


6. From a BoKS prompt, list users that BoKS considers logged in on a terminal:

bwho -x

and verify that both ttys are among the listed. (Also, please share the output).

7. Continue waiting until the user should have been logged out and a few minutes longer.

8. Turn off debugging of boks_bksd:

bdebug bksd -x0

9. Please share the following information with FoxT Support:

-what TTYs were being used
-above output from bwho -x
-the debug file
-timeout settings for the users involved. For example:
lsbks -l host:foo -Do
lsbks -l host:root -Do

Note also that there are three sources for activity when boks_bksd checks the inactivity timeout:
- input from the keyboard (i.e. either mtime or atime on the pty device compared to "now")
- output to the screen (i.e. either atime or mtime on the pty device compared to "now"")
- consumed CPU (differences in "ps" output for the process registered in btmp[x] between rounds)
The screen output and CPU checking can be disabled.

There is a known problem with boks_bksd. If there are many users on the system registered in btmp and thus needing to be checked for inactivity, the performance will degrade. I.e. users may not be logged out in a timely manner since bksd only checks one user at a time. (There is a bug reported for this issue in BoKS 6.6.2 and it was fixed in BoKS 6.7).

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018