This article applies to BoKS Control Center (BCC). There is a separate article for the same issue with the old BoKS administration GUI. Please note that the old GUI is not supported with BoKS Manager 6.7.



If a user only uses BCC and does not ever need shell access to a UNIX system, it is possible to define the user in a Host Group without host members. The user will be allowed to log in to BCC, and will not appear in /etc/passwd (and equivalent) files.


1. Create a Host Group, but do not assign any hosts to be members.



hgrpadm -A -g BCC_USERS


2. Create the administrative user in the Host Group.



mkbks -l BCC_USERS:bccuser -h /dev/null -g 100

passwd BCC_USERS:bccuser

Changing password for BCC_USERS:bccuser

The password length should be between 6 and 8 characters
New password:

Reenter new password:

Password changed


3. Assign an Access Route to the user to use the BCCAS method to the Master. This would normally be assigned via membership of a User Class, but it can also be assigned directly to the user.



ttyadmin -a -l BCC_USERS:bccuser -z 'BCCAS:ANY/*->master' -b 0 -e 0 -w 1234567


4. Verify that the user can log in to BCC.


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Last Modified On: October 15, 2018