How to debug BoKS ssh connections for all BoKS versions


The following instruction assumes that your ssh client is the BoKS unix/linux version, but the instruction for boks_sshd is valid even if you have to connect with another client program.

1. Set up boks_sshd to accept one and only one connection and then exit.
This will be done by the debug -d option. -ddd will give more detailed output.
Make sure to set it up on a port where it does not collide with anything else; for example -p2222

/opt/boksm/lib/boks_sshd -4 -ddd -p2222 >/tmp/sshd-debug 2>&1

This will direct all output to /tmp/sshd-debug

2. Once boks_sshd is up and waiting, make a connection with ssh.

/opt/boksm/bin/ssh -vvv -p2222 user@host >/tmp/ssh-debug 2>&1

This line will connect on port 2222 and send all output including debug to /tmp/ssh-debug

3. Once the connection is broken boks_sshd will exit and the debug files can be collected.

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Last Modified On: May 25, 2018