How to update setup parameters for a FoxT Reporting Manager installation




The following database parameters are configured when you run setup of the Presentation Server in FoxT
Reporting Manager:
• Web server port
• Database [oracle/mysql]
• MySQL host
• MySQL port
• Database user
• Database password

If you need to update any of these parameters, for example if the password for the database user changes,
the best way to do this is to re-run the setup program.

Follow these steps:
1. Stop the Presentation server.

$ /opt/boksbrm/brm/APIs/ stop

2. Run the setup program. Current values are displayed for the parameters as defaults. Change the
parameter(s) as required.

$ /opt/boksbrm/bdpjm/bin/setup
3. Start the presentation server.

$ /opt/boksbrm/brm/APIs/ start

Alternatively, if you prefer you can also update these parameters manually in the following files:
  • /opt/boksbrm/bdpjm/config/
  • /opt/boksbrm/bdpjm/config/datasource.xml

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Last Modified On: May 30, 2018