When a Server Agent host is absent for a longer period, there tends to be a queueing up of update messages. To avoid this, you can use BoKS' auto-registration features to keep track of absent hosts and hold back the communication of password updates etc. to them until they are back online.

This procedure is also recommended if decommissioned hosts are deliberately kept in the database.



This procedure causes BoKS to delete all messages to a Server Agent when it is considered absent and hold back any new messages until it is back online, at which point the Server Agent will be sent a full update of user accounts, groups, passwords etc.



First, make sure that the Server Agent can contact the Master on port 6507; Open the firewall port etc.


Assuming the host is still online; The administrator will have to do the following from a BoKS shell:


On the Master:

First decide on the global setting for how long hosts should be allowed to be offline before they are considered absent. You can set this using the following:

cadm -E AUTO_DEREGISTRATION_HOURS=168 #Setting for example 168 hours to allow hosts to be offline for a week before considered absent.


Now, register the host using the hostprereg command, for example:


you will be required to specify a secret password to be used on the Server Agent.

On the Server Agent:

Activate auto-registration for the host:



Create a file $BOKS_etc/myhostconfig containing at least the following:
HOST=[agent host as registered in boks]
SECRET=[one-time secret password]

Where USER is the user that will be logged.
Beware of trailing space characters at the end of the lines, as these are not allowed in this file.


Connect to the Master and register:

boks_autoregister -v FILE=$BOKS_etc/myhostconfig

Once the Server Agent has been registered on the Master, the myhostconfig file can be removed and communication on port 6507 is no longer necessary; a Server Agent coming back online will announce itself by contacting a Replica through the BoKS standard protocol.

On the Master:

Verify that the activation went through using the following command:

hostprereg -l -h

The reported status should be 'registered'.



See also the BoKS manual pages for hostprereg and boks_autoregister.

The BoKS Host Pre-registration functionality also has features for adding new hosts to a domain. Read more about this in the Administration Guide.

When testing this you may, temporarily, want to set AUTO_DEREGISTRATION_HOURS=1, and there also must be queued messages for the Server Agent that the Master is trying to send or it will not register that the host is offline.

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Last Modified On: November 12, 2019