To help troubleshooting, it is possible to increase the log level of BoKS Web Services Interface (WSI). The information in this article applies to version 6.7 and later; For instructions on how to enable debug on previous versions please see FoxT Knowledgebase article #1029.


The default levels of should only be changed at the initiative of and by following the instructions from FoxT Customer Support.


1. Debug the Admin Server on the Master:

# bdebug bccasd -x9 -f /tmp/bccasd.out 
2. On the WSI server:
Debugging can be turned on in the /etc/opt/mds/ file.
To do this, find the following section in the file:
# MDSServer, mdslog
To activate debugging, change “info” to “debug” and restart the application:
# MDSServer, mdslog
Debug information is written to mds.log.
3. Recreate the problem, then disable debug:

4. On the Master:
# bdebug bccasd -x0 
5. On the WSI server:
Change "debug" back to "info" in
# MDSServer, mdslog
Save the file and restart the application.

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Last Modified On: November 12, 2019