This article provides information on ports used by BoKS version 7 and later. For information relating to earlier versions of BoKS, please see Reference: Ports used by BoKS.
BoKS Manager communicates on a set of 4 ports, specified by a base port and the following numbers. The default base port for BoKS Manager is 6500.
In addition to 6500 - 6503 a number of other ports are also used. Default ports, which may be changed, are used as follows (port 2478 is non-configurable):
Port Protocol Service




Master in. Replicas to the Master.

Audit log server on the Master from log relay servers
on Replicas.

File transfer server on Master from Replicas.


tcp, udp



Server Agents to Master and Replica in for
authentication requests to servc daemon.

File transfer server on Replicas from Server Agents.

Remote keystroke log server on Master and
Replicas from Replicas and Server Agents.

6502 tcp Replica in to servm, updates from the Master.


tcp Server Agent in (clntd daemon), communication from
6504 ssh Remote updating of Server Agents by
6507 ssl Used for autoregistration of hosts by the
boks_hostpreregd daemon. This daemon is
contacted by BoKS Server Agents for Unix/Linux at
install when host auto-registration is used.
2478 ssl csspd server, used by BoKS Desktop 5.6 and later.
1024-65535 tcp, upd Sending from Master, Replica or Server Agent to one
of the above ports, after the session has been
4343 ssl

The admin server for FoxT Control Center and

Web Services Interface.

8443 https FoxT Control Center web server. This may be
running on the BoKS Master or on another host in
the BoKS domain.
To change the 4 ports BoKS uses for communication you only need to change the base port. This will also allow you to run multiple BoKS domains on the same network.
To set the base port on a BoKS host:
1. Add lines with the following syntax to the /etc/services file:
boks /tcp
boks 6530/tcp
Note: The base port must be the same for all BoKS Server Agents for Unix/Linux in the same domain, as well as the Master and Replicas.
For information on how to change the other ports as well as additional information, please see the Administration Guide for your BoKS version.

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Last Modified On: August 28, 2019