Overview of pre-registration classifications in BoKS


Pre-registered hosts can be given a classification. The pre-registration classification is a user-defined parameter used to group pre-registered hosts, primarily for use when dividing pre-registered hosts into different classes that can be managed by different Sub-Administrators.
For example, if you want a specific Sub-Administrator to only be able to manage pre-registered hosts in the US, you can create a US classification and add this to all US-based pre-registered hosts.

You can create, delete and list pre-registration classifications in the Pre-registration classifications section, Domain page in FoxT Control Center, and using the CLI program $BOKS_sbin/hostprereg.

See also:
  • The FoxT Control Center online help system
  • The BoKS man page hostprereg

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Last Modified On: August 28, 2019