How Access Routes are impacted when you modify a Host Group name


When you modify the name of a Host Group, Access Routes that include that Host Group are updated.

Note: Access Routes that contain wildcards that match the old Host Group name will not be changed, and may no longer match the new name. For example, if the Host Group was called FOO, and was renamed to BAR, the Access Route telnet:F*->H will NOT be modified, and NOT match the new name.

The one case where name modification in an Access Route may not work as intended is where a user account name matches a new or old Host Group name and is used in a su or suexec Access Route. For example, where an old Host Group is named INTERNAL and the new is EXTERNAL, the Access Route SU:*->INTERNAL would be modified to SU:*->EXTERNAL, which is not correct. This should not be an issue if you apply the recommended convention of defining Host Group names in upper case, since user login names are rendered in lower case. To further ensure you avoid this situation, Fox Technologies recommends you avoid using the same name for user accounts and Host Group definitions.

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Last Modified On: August 28, 2019