hgrpadm - maintain BoKS Host Group database


hgrpadm -A -g groupname [-j xroleset] [-c comment]
hgrpadm -d -g groupname
hgrpadm -M -g groupname [{-j xroleset | -J}] [-c comment] [-n new_name]
hgrpadm -a -g groupname -m member
hgrpadm -r -g groupname -m member
hgrpadm -l [-g groupname] [-E]
hgrpadm -L [-g groupname] [-v]
hgrpadm -R


hgrpadm maintains the BoKS Host Group database. Host Groups can be created, modified, deleted and
listed. Modification of a Host Groups includes add/remove members from the Host Group and setting other
Host Group attributes like comment and xRBAC xRoleSet association.


Add new Host Group.

Add new member(s) specified by the -m member option to Host Group member. If the Host Group
does not exist it is created.

-c comment
Specify comment for Host Group.

-d groupname
Delete specified Host Group.

-g groupname
Specifies the name of Host Group to create, modify or list. Valid characters in Host Group names
are letters from the ASCII character set (A-Z,a-z), digits (0-9), hyphen (-), underscore (_) or
period (.). Although lower case letters are allowed in hostgroup names Fox Technologies recommends
using only upper case letters and reserve lower case letters for host names, see hostadm

Removes empty Host Groups from listing when listing Host Group members with option -l

Unassign any assigned xRoleSet from the Host Group.

-j xroleset
Assign xRBAC xRoleSet xroleset to Host Gorup.

List Host Group members.

List Host Group names. If option -v is used also lists Host Group attributes (except members).

Modify Host Group attributes or name.

-m member
Specifies a member to be added to/removed from the Host Group. More than one -m option may
be given.

-n new_name
Specifies a new name for the Host Group when used with the -M option. See Rename Operation in
the NOTES section below for details. If the Host Group has been added to Active Directory using
the adgroup command, you are not allowed to change its name in BoKS.

Lists all Host Groups and members in a format suitable for use with the rdist program. Note that
empty Host Groups are not listed.

Remove member(s) specified by -m member option from Host Group.

Enables verbose Host Group listing when used in combination with option -L The ENV variable
OVERLAPPING_ACCOUNT_CHECK (See ENV.4) can be set to make BoKS check for overlapping
accounts. If checking is turned on, the -V switch can be used to skip this check when adding
host group members.


Rename Operation:
The rename operation will rename the Host Group in all database tables.
It will change the Host Group part of any account tied directly to the Host Group.
It will change the Host Group name in any access routes that refer to the Host Group.
It will modify the name in any pre-registration entry if present.
It will modify the name in any entries in $BOKS_etc/profiles/host2profile.


hostadm(1), rdist(1)

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Last Modified On: August 28, 2019