rmbks - remove BoKS user account(s)


rmbks [ -k ] [ -H ] users


rmbks removes one or more users from the BoKS database. All information concerning login/logout dates
and login terminals will be removed. Log entries will not be removed.
The users home directory and private files are not affected by rmbks itself, but may be affected by any hook
programs executed (See NOTES).
Every successfully removed user will result in a system log entry.


If this option is given users will only be removed from the BoKS database, but local user accounts
are not deleted.
Don’t run any hook program defined in $BOKS_etc/ssm_hook_config. ($BOKS_etc/post_rmbks is
still executed if present, see NOTES).


0 normal return if no users were specified or at least one was removed
1 one or more user was specified, but no user at all was removed by rmbks or some other unexpected
problem occurred.
2 rmbks was called with invalid options


The default local super-user account ( root on UNIX hosts, Administrator on Windows host) will not be
removed even if -k is not specified.
Unless the -H flag is given, any DELUSER program defined in $BOKS_etc/ssm_hook_config will be
executed before each user removal. rmbks will always execute $BOKS_etc/post_rmbks if it is present even
if -H is given. It is not present by default, but an example script is provided in $BOKS_lib/post_rmbks. We
recommend using ssm_hook_config for configuring execution of extra scripts to run as support for
post_rmbks may go away in a future release.


mkbks(1B), modbks(1B), bksdef(1B), ssm_hook_config(4B).

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Last Modified On: August 28, 2019