Different ways to configure home directory creation on BoKS Unix hosts


The information in this article applies to Unix and Linux hosts in the BoKS domain, i.e. the BoKS Master and Replicas, and BoKS Server Agents for Unix/Linux.
Home directories may be configured freely on each host, by specifying the parameters:
  • Parent Home Directory, also called Home Prefix. In FoxT Control Center, this parameter is called Create home directories on this host at. This is a path (beginning with a slash /) that is prefixed to any relative path that is specified when creating a home directory for an account on this host. This allows keeping home directories in different locations, for example, on different hosts in a Host Group.
  • Physical Home Directory. In FoxT Control Center, this parameter is called Map home directories to host ... at location ... This allows placing a user’s home directory on another host. If unspecified, a user’s home directory will be created on the local host. Can be used, for example, to place user home directories in one location for all hosts in a Host Group.
Typical configurations are shown in the examples below.

Example 1: No Automount

Home directories are located locally in /home. No automounts.

Host Parent Home Directory Physical Home Directory
Hostname qq1 /home

Example 2: NFS or Automount

Physical home directories are maintained on the Master (or other central host), here a host called gandalf. On the Master, /home is automounted from /export/home on the same machine. On other hosts, the /home directory is automounted or NFS-mounted from/export/home on the Master.

Host Parent Home Directory Physical Home Directory
Master /home gandalf:/export/home
Replica or Server Agent /home gandalf:/export/home

For automounting, the physical directory must be on a BoKS Unix or Linux host (Master, Replica or BoKS Server Agent for Unix/Linux)

Example 3: Linked Standalone
Physical home directory is a link to another directory on the same host, for example to /spare/home.

Host Parent Home Directory Physical Home Directory
Hostname qq1 /home qq1:/spare/home

Home Directories Created During Import

Note that there are separate rules governing home directories imported from an /etc/password or NIS map file, or created during import from an LDAP directory or during synchronization from AD using BoKS AD Bridge.

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Last Modified On: August 28, 2019