Way CLI commands collect data modified: RLIMIT_STACK workaround no longer needed

In BoKS 6.5 certain CLI commands collected data for listings using a call to the boks_master process that used up process stack space in relation to how much data was present. This could cause the stack to try to grow larger than the allowed per-process limit, causing either the boks_master or the CLI program (or both) to core dump. The workaround was to set a high value for RLIMIT_STACK in the BoKS ENV file, increasing the per-process limit for all BoKS daemons and for CLI commands (provided they were started in a BoKS shell).

In BoKS 6.6 and later, these CLI commands have been modified to instead call boks_servc for data for listings, and use an api that does not utilize the process stack for storing data. This means it should no longer be necessary to increase the stack limit using RLIMIT_STACK as more data is added to the database.

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Last Modified On: August 28, 2019