Listings of BoKS hotfixes and the order in which they must be installed


Hotfixes are software packages containing program files that have been corrected or updated with new functionality. A hotfix is usually produced to correct a single problem and thus contains only a few program files, as opposed to a patch.

Extension packages are similar to hotfixes although they implement new functionality rather than correct existing functionality.

BoKS hotfixes are cumulative. This means that if multiple hotfixes have one or more common binaries, the latest released hotfix includes the functionality and corrections of previous ones. Due to this fact, it is important to install hotfixes in the order in which they were produced.

Note that this order is not necessarily determined by the package name. When installing a hotfix in BoKS 6.5 there is no warning issued if the order is incorrect. I.e. if an old hotfix is installed on top of a newer one. However from within BoKS 6.6. and later such a warning is issued.

Attached below is a package containing listings of hotfixes for all supported BoKS versions and platforms showing the installation order (according to production date) and information about which hotfixes have been rendered obsolete by a later issued one.

Hotfix- and extension packages are aware of each other in BoKS 6.6 and later in the sense that if a hotfix and an extension package replace a sub-section of common files, they have to be installed in correct order according to the date and time of production of the packages. From within BoKS 6.6 the "time of production" for each package is stored in the pkginfo file included in the hotfix and extension packages.

Link to the hotfix listings package.



A problem has been found in list files containing non-obsoleted Server Agent only hotfixes. There are two hotfixes missing from some of these files, HFBM-0075-1 for BoKS 6.7.0 and HFBM-0192-1 for BoKS 7.0.0.


HFBM-0075-1 has been missing from the following list files (since Dec 5, 2017)


HFBM-0192-1 has been missing from the following list files (since Jan 4, 2018)

These problems are corrected in list files published after May 25, 2018.










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Last Modified On: November 15, 2019