This article discusses issues that can arise when password, shadow, and group files are not updated with user data, causing logins to fail.


When troubleshooting Server Agent connectivity, indications are that communication is working to Replicas and from the Master:

showmaster returns a valid Replica.

cadm -l -f passwd -h client from the Master works without issue.

However, updates to the Server Agent are not being processed:

boksdiag fque -bridge | grep shows queued items for the Server Agent.

On the Server Agent, lserrlog shows errors similar to the following:

warning clntd - - call to get_user_data failed; udata->error = -1

A servc test on the Server Agent fails:

boksauth -Oresults -c FUNC=my-nodekey


A debug of clntd on the Server Agent shows:

update_passwd_entry: Failed to get sys_data!
pswqueue_update: update_passwd_entry failed, -1

This can happen when local name resolution of the host is not correctly configured; In general, when the /etc/hosts entry for 'hostname' has values different than those returned by 'ifconfig -a'. For example:

# hostname


# ifconfig -a

eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:21:F6:84:BD:1D
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

# grep client01 /etc/hosts client01

Notice that ifconfig returns as the IP address, but /etc/hosts has it listed as


To resolve this, correct the entry in /etc/hosts and reboot the server.

After the reboot, allow up to 35 minutes for password data to update. If the Server Agent has been unreachable for a while, the Master will slow down its update frequency to once every 30 minutes. Depending on when the Server Agent comes back online within that window, updates may arrive immediately, or at the full 30 minute point. It is important to allow enough time for updates to arrive.

NOTE: This issue may be resolved by simply booting BoKS instead of a full system reboot, but if this was indeed the problem, there's a good chance other OS functions are also having trouble. A full reboot will ensure everything comes up clean.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019