A user's entry in the password/shadow file on a specific host is out-of-sync with what is in the BoKS database.

Solution / Workaround

In the examples below, the username is the user's login name, NOT the BoKS username. For example, if trying to update the entry for the user "SYSADMIN_HOSTS:joe", you would simply use "joe" as the username argument.

The cadm command should be run from within a BoKS Shell (boksadm -S).

From the Master:

BoKS # cadm -P -h

i.e. BoKS# cadm -P joe -h dbserver01

From the Server Agent:

BoKS # cadm -P

i.e. BoKS# cadm -P joe


This example is for repairing one user entry on one host. The cadm -P command has other capabilities that you may also find useful. See man cadm for more information.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019