When BoKS Reporting Manager (BRM) is started on system reboot or by the service facility, data loads fail with complaints of SSH problems in the catalina.out file.


This typically presents itself when BRM has been configured to use hostbased SSH to connect to the Master, instead of using SSH public keys.


This can be tricky to troubleshoot because when started manually by brmadmin using /etc/init.d/boksbrm start, it works fine, but fails after a reboot. It's also tricky because as brmadmin, the ssh test commands used to verify connectivity work without issue, and yet, BRM continues to fail.



Resolution / Workaround


The /etc/init.d/boksbrm startup script is missing the path to the /opt/boksm/bin directory and finds the OS version of the ssh client (/usr/bin/ssh) instead of the BoKS ssh client (/opt/boksm/bin/ssh).


By default, the OS version is not configured to use hostbased authentication and will fail to connect. The BoKS version is hostbased-ready by default.


To fix the problem, edit the /etc/init.d/boksbrm script and change the PATH statement from:






Once this change is made, future reboots or stop/starts via the service facility will find the correct version of SSH, and BRM should be able to communicate with the Master correctly.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019