This article applies to BCC 7.0 and 7.0.1.


Note that there is now a hotfix available that may be relevant for this problem. For details, see KB #12502 "Hotfix: Restbase sets raw log format when restoring pre-7.0 database and BCC fails to show raw logs (HFBM-0122)"

Hotfix HFBM-0122 is available for download from the Helpsystems Community Portal.


When trying to view the audit log in BCC an error message is displayed:


An error occured

The system has encountered a problem and was unable to perform the

requested operation.


More detailed information can be found where appropriate in the error

message below, or in the application log on the presentation server. For

further assistance, please contact your system administrator.

Resolution / Workaround


This can be caused by using a log format not recognized by BCC. BoKS 7 allows four different log formats to be used, "raw" RFC5424 format, facility only, severity only and facility.severity. Default is severity.

BCC can currently only display logs in 'severity' and 'facility.severity' format.


To check the current log format:

# bokslogadm -V

Log redirection command: >/dev/console
Log file size limit before backup: 1024 kbytes
Absolute maximum log file size: 1152 kbytes
Log format: raw
Log synchronize frequency: never
Log synchronize interval: never


If it is set to 'raw' or 'facility' change it to 'severity' and rotate the log:

# bokslogadm -F s

# bokslogadm -n


This will start a new log file in severity format which will only contain messages that BCC can handle. It is possible to convert old logs to the severity format supported by BCC.


This is an example in ruby:

$sev =

$stdin.each_line do |line|
if line =~ /^<([0-9]+)>1 (.+)/
puts "#{$sev[$1.to_i & 7]} #{$2}"
puts line

Paste this into a text file logconvert.rb, it will read logs from sdtin and print the converted logs to stdout. To run it redirect input and output to appropriate files:

# ruby logconvert.rb < input_filename > output_filename



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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019