During Solaris LDOM live migration, the BoKS daemons on the source LDOM are killed and must be restarted manually.

Resolution / Workaround

During the live migration process, the source domain is suspended momentarily while the memory blocks and state information are transferred to the target machine. A signal SIGFREEZE (signal 34 = Check point Freeze) is sent to running processes to suspend and SIGTHAW (signal 35 = Check point Thaw) is sent to restore.

These are not defined in BoKS, and thus the process dies.

To get BoKS to ignore these signals, they can be defined in the appropriate ${BOKS_etc}/boksinit.< master | replica | client > file. For instance, for a client, configure this on a client:

Edit the appropriate ${BOKS_etc}/boksinit.client file to add the following lines at the top (with the other signal definitions):

Then restart BoKS to have these lines understood by the BoKS processes.

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019