This article applies to BoKS 6.7.0.


The upgrade_client utility is included in the installation packages for the BoKS Manager product. Problems in this and some related programs cannot be corrected in a hotfix since they are only used during the installation- and upgrade processes and thus only exist in the installation packages themselves.

Problems corrected in upgrade_client patch as of Nov 18, 2015:

  • upgrade_client file permission control
  • upgrade_client doesn't check exit code from uninstall
  • Upgrade to 6.7 with upgrade_client doesn't create ECDSA keys for SSH

Resolution / Workaround

The attached tar file (please see links at the bottom of this article) contains updated versions of the upgrade_client and upgrade_version utility scripts. You can apply the tar patch file manually or use the script. The latter is handy if you need to patch installation packages for multiple platforms.

To apply the patch manually:

  • Download the BoKS Manager 6.7 and/or BoKS Server Agent 6.7 installation packages for all required platforms.
  • Download the upgrade_client patch (BoKS67_upgrade_client_151118.tgz).
  • Unpack the tar files in one or a set of temporary directories.
  • Apply the patch on top of the extracted package directories. You should apply the patch from within the same directory where the product package was extracted.

To apply the patch using the utility:

  • Create two directories, e.g. /var/tmp/original_pkg and /var/tmp/patched_pkg.
  • Download the BoKS Manager 6.7 and/or BoKS Server Agent 6.7 installation packages for all required platforms and put them in the "original_pkg" directory.
  • Download the upgrade_client patch (BoKS67_upgrade_client_151118.tgz) and put it in that same directory ( "original_pkg").
  • Download the script. Make sure execute file permissions are set (chmod +x).
  • Run
    # -p /var/tmp/original_pkg -d /var/tmp/patched_pkg

Description of the utility script
Usage: -p package-dir -d destination-dir [-r][-f][-q][-z] [-H|-V]

Script to unpack the boks_upgrade patch onto BoKS Manager- and
Server Agent installation packages.

- A directory containing BoKS Manager and Server Agent installation
packages as well as the upgrade_client patch tar file
(e.g. BoKS67_upgrade_client_151118.tgz).
- An empty destination directory.

The install packages will be extracted in the destination
directory, each package in a sub-directory named by platform.

-p package-dir Directory where BoKS install packages are located,
gzipped tar files. Should also include the
upgrade_client patch file, e.g.
-d dest-dir This directory will contain the extracted
packages with patch applied on top of each. Each
package will be extracted to a sub-directory
named by platform.
-r Re-pack creating gzipped tar files after the
patch has been applied. New packages will be
located directly in the destination
directory. The sub-directories with extracted
packages are removed.
-f Continue even if target files exist.
-z Do not backup patched files.
-q Non-verbose mode.
-H Print this text.
-V Print version.

Extract the BoKS packages located in boks67/oldpkg to boks67/newpkg
and apply the patch. Backup patched files and show verbose messages:
# -p boks67/oldpkg -d boks67/newpkg

Re-pack the BoKS 6.7 packages in boks67/oldpkg with the upgrade_client
patch applied and store the resulting archives in boks67/newpkg.
Don't back-up patched files, overwrite target files if they exist and
print only warnings and errors (non-verbose):
# -zrfq -p boks67/oldpkg -d boks67/newpkg

Note: If the GNU tar utility is available when running with the -r option, the files in the resulting packages will have UID and GID set to zero even if running as a regular user.

Link to apply_upgrade_client_patch

Link to BoKS67_upgrade_client_151118

Current version: 1.7 2016/01/25 13:37:00

File Checksums:

SHA1: 74498a132f71fe7616b78f9c82adb6ee6d4f9cde

SHA1: 7ba70c9d7769c6b932c6c664aef127a3f4f800c6 BoKS67_upgrade_client_151118.tgz

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Last Modified On: June 28, 2019